7 Creative Ways to Get your Resume to Stand Out in 2021

7 Creative Ways to Get your Resume to Stand Out in 2021

7 Ways to Get Your Resume To Stand Out in 2021

How can a job seeker get their resume noticed in the time of Covid?

Once upon a time, in the days before social distancing, masks, and the transition to Work From Home life, job seekers could be pretty clever about delivering resumes that stood out. I’ve heard tales about people who sent their resumes directly to the hiring manager’s office taped inside pizza boxes. Or, enclosed in pinatas. Or, encased in glitter. Wait. Forget that. (Nobody likes receiving a package full of glitter.) Point is, back in the pre-Covid days, when you sent your resume to an office, it arrived there.

But these days, the person scanning your resume is likely reading that painstakingly crafted summary of your life’s work (aka your resume), at what was formerly known as their dining room table. And while they are skimming through your hard-won life experiences and skills, their toddler might be fiddling in their lap, crayon in hand, eyeballing your resume as the canvas for their next masterpiece.

So how can a job seeker get their resume noticed in the time of Covid?


We’ve got some ideas. Below, we’ve compiled some of our best tricks of the trade to get your resume noticed and help you to stand out from amongst the crowd.

Go big.

Looking for a job at Amazon? Why not send a copy of your cover letter and resume to Jeff@amazon.com. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an overreach (but Amazon founder Jeff Bezos does have a public email address – and he reads it, too). Right now, hitting send on your resume and sending it out blindly, competing with everyone else who saw the same exact ad on Indeed, Glassdoor and Monster, is pretty much the least effective way to get noticed. A better plan? Do you homework. Find out who posted the job. Give them a buzz. Say hello. Find out about the job. Get their name. Ask who you’d be reporting to. Look them up on Linkedin. Find a way to make a connection, build a relationship, do something to distinguish yourself. That way, when you do send your resume, you can skip the big black hole of the hit-send-and-hope-for-best ATS (applicant tracking system) method, and stand out for the talented, unique and extraordinary individual you are.

 Solve for Ghosting

What’s more frustrating than sending a resume and not hearing back? Nothing. But thankfully, these days you don’t have to stay up nights wondering if so-and-so read and received your resume/cover letter/email. There are tons of services, most of these simple browser add-ons, that let you monitor who has opened your message – and when. Best of all, when you receive notice that someone has just opened your email, this gives you an opportunity to quickly reach out and give them a call while you’re still top of (their) mind. Some cool companies that have free versions of this are Boomerang and Mailtracker, and Mailtrack.

Heck, you could even open a free account on Mailchimp. Once you set up your campaign, it will be a breeze to automate (and keep track) of who has opened up your emails and when. (Fair disclosure: We use Mailchimp to run our newsletter, The Restart Report, and we think it’s pretty darn cool.

 Go Online (Not to search – but to be found!)

You’d never dream of launching a business without a website, right? So, if you think of yourself as a personal brand — doesn’t it make sense that you should have a great online presence to promote yourself? There are lots of great companies out there to help you produce a terrific résumé online. The 2% solution helps job seekers create compelling online versions of their selves – and their resumes. The name of their company comes from the stat at the heart of their business: If 250 people apply for a job, approximately five of those applicants, that is 2%, will be contacted for an interview.  At the very least, an online resume is a great differentiator, and something that can offer a much more dynamic look at all you’ve accomplished.

Upgrade Your Resume to an Infographic Resume (if you don’t know what this is – keep reading)

Everyone has a resume. But few seekers will have the baked-in ingenuity to create a full-on infographic resume – and that’s exactly why it’s one of the very best ways to stand out.

But what is an infographic resume?  

Just like infographics, which blend graphics and information in a way that’s  exciting to view and easier to understand, an infographic resume lets the person reading your application digest your skills, accomplishments and work history in a fun, visual way. Best of all, according Heather Morgan, aka The Career Sherpa, and author of the book The Infographic Resume, this kind of resume is powerful differentiator, as it offers a much more dynamic visual then a traditional resume.

“A well done infographic resume combines the best information, all of your skills, accomplishments, and history, as well as other meaningful data in a visually exciting way,” says Morgan. “It’s not a replacement for a traditional resume – but it’s a great supplement, and it’s an even better door opener.”

Make it Flawless.

Proofread. Proofread. Proofread.

It’s a well known fact that about 85% of resumes and cover letters arrive rife with typos, grammatical errors and formatting mishaps. Yikes. Sending in a resume that’s (technically) perfect is, seriously, the easiest way to stand out. But what if you’re more of a, shall we say, math person? Get help. Ask a friend or relative for a second set of eyes. Hire an editor. Or, sign up for free trial at a site like Grammerly, to level up your grammer game without barely trying.

Make it Succinct.

6 seconds. That’s right 6 seconds is how long the average recruiter will spend looking at your resume to see if what’s between the white space has captured their fancy. That said, it’s in your best interest to make every second of that six count. That means:

  • Tailor the resume to the job you’re applying for. (Don’t be generic if you can help it).
  • Growth hack your own resume by using the employer’s own keywords (from their job listing) in your resume.
  • Don’t be bashful about your accomplishments. It’s not bragging if you actually did it.
  • Keep it short. Remember. You’ve got 6 seconds to knock their working-from-home socks off.
  • Don’t overdo it. Too many images, colors and swipes of the highlighter on your CV will get you a fast track to the circular file.

Invest in Yourself  (Get Help)

1,450,000,000 Results.

Yup. That’s the number you get if you ask Google to search the term “Resume Help.”

So where do you start? First, decide whether you want to just wing the resume writing thing-a-ma-gig on your own. Or, perhaps consider investing in yourself – and getting some professional help. Jessica Hernandez’s site, Great Resumes Fast offers a 60 day interview guarantee (or they will rewrite it for free). Jessica has been consistently singled out as one of the best resume writers working in the field, and she’s a pretty nice person, too.

However you do it – finding a way to create a resume that helps you stand out is key to landing the job you’ve been waiting for. Have questions? send them to us at info@mycareerrestart.

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Written by @StevenCamins

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