Ultimate Daily Newsletters For Job Seekers and anyone in 2021

Ultimate Daily Newsletters For Job Seekers and anyone in 2021

20 Best Daily Newsletters For Job Seekers and Anyone


Question: What’s easiest?

  • Finding a new job?
  • Advancing in your current job?
  • Pivoting to a completely new job?

Answer: None of the above!

Career stuff is hard.

Even in a good year, one without a raging virus, record unemployment and social unrest, there are usually about several gazillion people looking for jobs – and you can bet your next stimulus payment that some of them are eying the same exact position you bookmarked two seconds ago.

So how do you beat your competition at their own game?

You need something no one else has. I’m not talking talent, mad-skills or a magic eight ball…I’m talking about the one thing everyone needs to succeed – INFORMATION.

And guess what? The Information you need to propel your job search journey to the next level is probably just one click-and-verify away. That’s right, I’m talking email. But not just any email, I’m talking about the daily or weekly kind. The kind that provides the news, resources and leads which give you a winning edge in your job journey.

Below, we’ve compiled our favorite, most useful, rabbit-hole-provoking dailies to ensure you’ve got that winning edge day in and day out.

Career Advice for everyone:

The Restart Report: Well, d’uh. Of course we’re going to start with that one (we own it). Penned by a former celebrity journalist, a longtime marketing expert and informed by the top HR strategists on this big blue planet, this 5-minute read distills everything you need to know, about life and career success. Plus – and if you share it – you’re bound to succeed brilliantly. (And on that – we offer a money-back guarantee. 🙂

  • Career Sherpa – Reliable. On-point advice, doled out by the brilliant Hannah Morgan. An in-box must if you want to get anywhere in this world that (eventually) involves a paycheck. Plus. If you sign up for
  • Resume Worded – A great read backed by an interesting site that offers instant feedback on your resume and LI profile.
  • Work It Daily –  A resource overflowing with terrific, evergreen advice and robust a (paid) community that provides crazy, good, Spanx-like support. “Your Daily Career Newsletter.”
  • Career Pivot – Former Texan Mark Miller pens this brilliant missive from Mexico. If you’re looking to leave your job or pivot to a new one. This site is nothing but pure inspiration for anyone looking to level up the second act of their life.
  • Career Addict – Filled with fun quizzes and information. When you visit, prepare to engage in a long visit down a rabbit hole that, apparently, ends up in Ireland, where this site is headquartered.
  • TopResume – Another rabbit hole inducing site with great advice and services.
  • HR -Daily Dive – Billed as top news and insights for HR leaders, but none the less, a great read for smart job seekers who kno that when you understand how HR people think, you win.

Best (Career) Advice for Women:

Do ladies actually need different career advice then men? I’m not sure. But if ovaries and intuitive emotional intelligence give us an extra bit of uumph to climb that ladder, smash that ceiling – and do it all in heels – sign me up.

  • Career Contessa – Offering just about every kind of advice, webinar, coaching etc., service under the sun.
  • Ellevest – Financial strategies for women. Their tagline: “Invest in yourself, bank on your future, with a career coach.”
  • The BroadSheet – From the folks at Fortune mag. A quick hit reminding you that ladies, do in fact, rule if not the whole world – a big part of it.
  • KCM – Katie Couric’s everything-and-the-kitchen sink never disappoints.
  • Girl Boss – Like a deep convo with your bestie – if your bestie was a super-smart AI news junkie that dispensed job leads like an ATM.
  • The Muse – Great advice and curated job leads. A must read
  • Power to Fly – A cool job board aimed at helping women scale the ladder. Heels and all.
  • The Newsette – Fun and frothy. A newcomer to the scene, but always worth the read. Each issue usually contains some great product recs (highly curated, but worth a visit, even if just screen-shopping), plus there’s always a great interview with an aspirational female rock-star in the making.

Best Advice/ News for Life

So. I’m pretty convinced that the Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” writing teams gets at least 95% of their show segment ideas from reading the newsletters listed below.  These emails below aren’t strictly ‘career’ focused. But. If we ever go back to the days of dinner parties/bar hookups and small talk – or — you just want to be super well-informed on your next Zoom Happy Hour – these are the mails to start your day with.

  • The Morning Brew – To answer the age-old question, if I was stranded on an island, yes, this would be the daily email I’d take with me. The Morning Brew might be a coffee company. They might be a media company. Someone might just have paid $75 million dollars for them – and – for real – this newsletter is good to the last drop – every morning. Don’t just subscribe. Please subscribe here so I can get a sticker for my water bottle:
  • The Hustle – As in a side. Not The Dance. If Morning Brew had a younger bro forever trying to cop a ride to the mall – this would be it. Another great ‘letter to the universe, The Hustle gives you a bit of morning inspiration, information – and a cutting-edge take on Trends (their paid side-side-hustle). That’s pretty kick-ass, too.   
  • The Skimm – There are about 7.5 million reasons to read this. Yes. The Skimm says it has that many readers a day. They practically invented the daily talking point. And they are experts in selling stuff without you knowing it. Yes, It’s very female-skewing and some dudes don’t get it.   

Compiled by @StevenCamins for The Restart Report.

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