Nail Your Zoom Interview with Confidence!

Nail Your Zoom Interview with Confidence!

How to Nail Your Zoom (or In-person) Interview With Confidence

By: Farrah Daniel-Bermudez

In the Before Times, the idea of doing a job interview, actually, all of your job interviews, from your WFH space was unthinkable. But these days, ask anyone who has been in the job market for a good while, and you’ll quickly discover that right now it’s not just the norm — it’s the new normal. And according to experts like Alex Freund, aka “The Landing Expert,” video-based job interviews are likely here to stay.

Below, he shares some of his best tips for helping job seekers pull off even the most nerve-wracking job video interview with just the right mix of humility, grace and confidence.

🎯 4 Ways to nail your virtual interview (with confidence!)

💻 The Zoom takeover. These days, most companies deploy online interview software to manage the swarm of applicants they can’t meet with individually. He advises his clients to take time to get comfortable with Zoom, (or whatever video conferencing software you’ll be speaking on during the interview), before you smash that “join” button.

😰 The fear is real. Naturally, fear is the strongest emotion people feel during interviews. Alex says that for most people, the fear trickles in when you’re faced with difficult questions that require excellent answers. To combat this, he advises practice, practice, and more practice. To prepare, he suggests working with a friend or coach to conduct mock-interviews on Zoom or another service. “One of the most important things you can do is to have someone give you feedback on your posture, voice, body language, content and more.”

👔 Have the same approach. The only meaningful difference between a virtual and in-person interview isthe technical setup. Otherwise, your prep process should be identical. (Take it just as seriously!). “First impressions are still crucial,” says Alex.

🤫 Shhh! If you can’t guarantee a quiet and distraction-free environment during your interview, go to someone else’s place — or worse, your car. (Do what you gotta do, right?)

🎧 Have the right approach. For maximum readiness, go the extra mile to set up your surroundings: Make sure your background is professional and tidy. (ie., No cats crawling around on the desk behind you). Elevate your webcam to eye level, secure proper lighting, ensure your audio is functioning, and if your computer’s mic needs a boost, invest in a USB-friendly microphone to help your voice shine through. Think of it as an investment in your future.

🧩 Be the missing piece. Alex says that while the way we are being interviewed has changed, the qualities most hiring managers are looking for remains steadfast: Cultural fit, passion, excitement, confidence, your ability to leave an impact, qualifications and of course, having the right answer are all key. Alex says being a good match for the job description is important, but showing up to your interview with a little fire in your belly is critical, too. “Just be yourself,” says Alex. “You’ll do great.” 

About Alex Freund, aka “The Landing Expert”: Based outside of Princeton, NJ, Alex has spent nearly two decades helping thousands of job seekers worldwide prepare for the nerve-wracking, one-on-one exchange known as the job interview. For more information on Alex, or his services, visit: Or you can contact him directly at or by phone at 609-333-8866.

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